Adult Sacramental Prep

For those Catholics 18 and over desiring to receive the sacraments of confirmation or first communion, sacramental prep is done through the year long class of RCIA. Our RCIA program begins in mid September and runs through the end of May, occurring on Wednesday evenings from 7:15-8:30

RCIA is open both to Catholics who desire to complete their sacraments, or to any Catholics simply looking to enrich their faith and learn more about theology through catechesis.

To register, please click the button below and fill out the form. If you register between January-May of the year, expect to be reached out to in June. If you register in June-December, expect to be reached out to in within two weeks of filling out the form.

Questions about the program or registration email Danielle Coon at


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Danielle Coon

Director of Religious Education